Ventis MX4 Multi-Gas Monitor, O2,CO,H2S,LEL, Diffusion, Extended Range Battery, Orange Color, Industrial Scientific VTS-K1232101111

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  • Product Description

    Industrial Scientific VENTIS™ MX4 Gas Monitor, Safety Orange,  Equipped with: LEL, H2S, O2, CO Sensors, Extended Range Lithium-Ion Battery, Desktop Charger 120v, Soft Nylon Case

    Whats in the box:

    • New Ventis MX4 Orange gas monitor with installed extended range battery (20 hours typical run time @ 20 ºC) and four sensors to detect LEL, H2S,O2 & CO
    • 120v Desktop charger
    • Soft Nylon Protective monitor Case
    • Factory Calibration Certificate
    • Calibration cap and tubing


    • Overmolded composite construction provides a rugged design that has exceptional durability in harsh, industrial environments.
    • Rechargeable Extended Range lithium-ion battery pack (20 hours run time typical @ 20ºC)
    • Compact size and weight enables true portability as a personal monitor when used with or without the pump.
    • IP66/67 Certified ensures that the monitor can withstand use in extremely dusty and wet applications
    • Broad sensor measuring ranges for hydrogen sulfide to 500 ppm provide the ability to see changes in hazardous conditions beyond normal monitoring ranges
    • Audible, visual and vibrating alarms like the 95 dB audible, ultra bright visual and strong vibration alarms provide multiple clear warnings in high-noise, low-light conditions
    • Programmable bump test mode prompts user to bump test instrument on a regular basis and provides an alarm that prevents use if bump test has not been performed at the desired interval
    • Calibration overdue alarm prompts user and prevents normal use if instrument has not been calibrated within the prescribed time frame
    • Quick-Cal calibration mode saves time and money by allowing all sensors to be calibrated simultaneously using one cylinder of blended calibration gas
    • DS2 Docking Station™ compatible