Ventis MX4 Gas Monitor, O2 LEL H2S CO, Industrial Scientific, Hi-Visibility Orange Color, Diffusion, 4 Year Warranty, Mfg# VTS-K1231101101

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  • Product Description

    Purchase your Industrial Scientific VENTIS™ MX4 Multi-Gas Detector, Diffusion model, from You can have confidence that as a premier distributor we will support you and lead you in the correct direction in managing your gas detection equipment now and in the future.

    What's in the box: 

    • NEW Ventis MX4 Detector, Safety Orange Color
    • Equipped with LEL(Pentane),CO, H2S, O2 Sensors
    • New 4 Year Warranty (Starting 1/1/20)
    • Standard Lithium-ion Battery (12 hours typical run time @ 20 ºC)
    • Desktop Charger
    • Calibration Certificate
    • Calibration Cap and tubing
    • Manual in English

    Additional Features:

    • Overmolded composite construction provides a rugged design that has exceptional durability in harsh, industrial environments.
    • Compact size and weight enables true portability as a personal monitor when used with or without the pump.
    • IP66/67 Certified ensures that the monitor can withstand use in extremely dusty and wet applications
    • Broad sensor measuring ranges for carbon monoxide to 1000 ppm, hydrogen sulfide to 500 ppm, nitrogen dioxide to 150 ppm and sulfur dioxide to 150 ppm provide the ability to see changes in hazardous conditions beyond normal monitoring ranges
    • Audible, visual and vibrating alarms like the 95 dB audible, ultra bright visual and strong vibration alarms provide multiple clear warnings in high-noise, low-light conditions
    • Programmable bump test mode prompts user to bump test instrument on a regular basis and provides an alarm that prevents use if bump test has not been performed at the desired interval
    • Calibration overdue alarm prompts user and prevents normal use if instrument has not been calibrated within the prescribed time frame
    • Quick-Cal calibration mode saves time and money by allowing all sensors to be calibrated simultaneously using one cylinder of blended calibration gas
    • DSXi Docking Station™ compatible Provides automatic calibration, bump testing, instrument diagnostics and record keeping, simplifying instrument management while you concentrate on other tasks; Just dock it – and walk away


  • Warranty Information
    4 Year Factory Warranty