Salisbury® Class 0 Red Electricians Gloves, Low Voltage, 14" Length, 1 pair, Mfg# E014R

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  • Product Description

    Salisbury® Electricians Class 0 RED 14" Length Protective Gloves

    Each glove is stamped with the date it was tested and certified.

    Salisbury Electricians Gloves are superior performing, rubber insulated gloves that combine physical strength, flexibility, high dielectric, and durability. Max Use Voltage AC/DC (when worn with leather protectors): 1,000/1,500. These gloves are proof tested at a voltage of AC/DC: 5,000/20,000 These Class 0 Gloves are very light in weight. Gloves are low-voltage gloves, which are widely used in low-voltage applications such as meter departments. Our gloves meet or exceed the requirements of current NFPA 70E standards, ASTM D120 specifications, and International Standard 903, IEC-1988. These gloves are 14 inches in length.

    How are Salisbury gloves electrically tested?
    The manufacturer of Salisbury gloves electrically tests every glove prior to shipment. Each “batch” of gloves is also subjected to a battery of physical and electrical tests to insure that the gloves meet the D120 Standards. It is the responsibility of the employer to insure that the gloves have passed the required electrical test within the specified time. In addition to Salisbury's test, Durawear has an independent lab test and date stamp each glove.

    How long does the user have to put new gloves into service?
    The user has 12 months from the test date to put new gloves into service. New (gloves that have never been issued for use) may be retested and the user has 12 months from that date to put them into service.

    When should rubber insulating gloves be retested?
    There are two standards that prescribe test intervals:
    • OSHA 1910.137 – Must be electrically tested before first issue and every six months thereafter
    • OSHA 1910.268 (Tele-com) – Natural rubber insulating gloves must be electrically tested before first issue, twelve months after first issue and every 9 months thereafter
    • Any un-issued glove that has not been tested within twelve months must be re-tested before issue.