Salisbury® by Honeywell E011B 11" Class 0 Rubber Linemen's Electrical Protector Gloves

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  • Product Description

    Item Number | E011B

    Salisbury® by Honeywell's Class 0 Black 11 inch Electrical Protector Gloves

    Salisbury by Honeywell's E011 11" Class 0 Rubber Linemen's Electical Gloves are constructed from an insulating rubber that offers protection up to 1000 volts. These carefully designed gloves are available in black, blue, high-vis orange, red and yellow colors in sizes 7-12. Half Sizes are also available to comfortably fit all hands. Linemen's Electrical Gloves comply with ASTM requirements and OSHA regulations to ensure electrical workers' protection from the hazards of their job. Durawear Glove and Safety also sells leather protective gloves that can be worn over the E011 to extend the life of the glove. As an added service, Durawear offers testing of all electrical gloves, sleeves, and blankets. Contact your Durawear representative today for details.

    • 11 Inch - Overall Length - Rubber gloves
    • High electric & physical strength
    • Flexibility & Durability
    • Class 0 Electrical Insulting gloves
    • Type 1  Natural Rubber
    • Proof Test Voltage AC/DC: 5,000/20,000
    • Max Use Voltage AC/DC (when worn with leather protectors): 1,000/1,500
    • Straight Cuff Design
    • Meets or exceeds ASTM D120 Spec. NFPA 70 Standards