MSA Ultra-Twin® Full Facepiece Respirator, Black Hycar

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    MSA Ultra-Twin® Full Facepiece Respirator, Black Hycar

    471298 (Small), 471286 (Medium), 471310 (Large)

    Crafted to provide a secure fit and strong protection, Ultra-Twin Full-Facepiece Respirators offer several options that make it a clear choice for defense against toxic chemicals. The unit features an inturned lip for a comfortable seal against the face, a large chin cup for easy positioning, and 5 suspension headstraps with roller buckles that hold the facepiece in place while minimizing hair entanglement. The wide lens is scratch resistant, while a speaking diaphragm provides clear short-range communications. The unit also features a nosecup that helps eliminate lens fogging.

    Applications: Asbestos Abatement, Painting, Sanding & Grinding, Welding

    Select your appropriate respirator cartridge from the Comfo Series.