MSA 10121216 Replacement CO-HC Sensor (0-10,000 ppm) for Altair5X Gas Monitor

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  • Product Description

    Item Number | 10121216

    MSA Replacement CO-HC Carbon Monoxide (High Concentration) Sensor for Altair5X Gas Monitor (not for Altair 4X)

    Gas: Carbon monoxide (high concentration)
    Package: Single Gas
    Range: 0-10,000 ppm CO
    Resolution: 5 ppm CO
    Response Time: t(90) <15 seconds normal temperature
    Alarm Setpoint: Min 10ppm/ Max 8500ppm
    Warranty: 3 years

    • Performance: Extended range for high concentration CO applications
    • Long life: >4-year life means fewer sensor replacements over the instrument's life
    • Reliability: Feel confident that XCell Sensor's linearity provides accuracy across the entire readable range
    • Response: Industry-leading response time not only helps to save lives, but your time and money as well
    • Resilience: Extremely robust filter means that you can even operate within environments where alcohol vapors may be present