MSA 10074137 Altair Pro Oxygen O2 Single Gas Detector

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  • Product Description

    Item Number | 10074137

    MSA Altair Pro O2 Oxygen Single Gas Detector

    • Size:3.4”L x 2.0”W x 1.0”H
    • Weight: 4.0 oz including clip
    • Case Material: Polycarbonate with rubber overmolding
    • Event Log: Equipped with standard event data logging of no less than 50 events before overwriting oldest logged events
    • Data Log: Equipped with standard data logging feature
    • Environmental Protection: Rated to IP 67 protection levels for dust/water ingress
    • Alarms: Equipped with visual, vibrating and audible alarms. Audible alarms sound at an average of 95 dB @ 1 foot.Visual alarms are bright and viewable from top, front and sides.
    • Bump Test: A checkmark is displayed to indicate a successful bump test for 24 hours after conducting the bump test.
    • Operating Lifetime: Typical installed battery life 9000 hours. Sensor life is two years.
    • Confidence Flash: Unit periodically (average every 60 seconds) confirms proper operation by: Confidence flash on Alarm LEDs; Confidence dot on display (heartbeat indicator)
    • Backlight: Activated at the start of any alarm situation or by a simple press of a button
    • Monitoring Range: 0-30% Vol
    • Resolution: 0.1 %VOL
    • Standard Alarm Points - Low: 19.50% High: 23.00%
    • Battery: Replaceable CR2 lithium battery. Only Energizer EL1CR2, Varta CR2, or Panasonic CR2 batteries should be used.
    • Calibration: Zeroes and calibrated easily using one button
    • Calibration Set Point: Calibration gas concentration set points are user-adjustable
    • Data Storage Capacity: 50 past events
    • Record Content: Event log entries shall contain as a minimum
    • Alarm: type, value, time and date
    • Alarm clear: type, value, time and date
    • Calibration: pass/fail, time and date
    • Bump: pass/fail, time and date
    • Error non-shutdown: error type, time and date
    • End of life: reason, alarm minutes, months life, time and date
    • Datalogging: Equipped with datalogging function. Default setting is three minute peak readings. This sample rate is configurable via PC 15 seconds to 15 minute peaks or one minute peak average.
    • Certifications: US and Canada Class 1, Division 1, Groups A, B, C and D
    • Temperature: Normal Operation: -20 to 50 °C
    • Humidity: 10-95% RH non-condensing
    • Maintenance: Replaceable sensors and battery
    • Warranty: Full two-year warranty. Does not cover battery