Industrial Scientific 17155304-U Ventis PRO 5 Infrared Carbon Dioxide / Hydrocarbon (CO2/HC) Sensor, 4 Series

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  • Product Description

    Replacement Infrared Carbon Dioxide/Hydrocarbon LEL sensor for the Ventis® Pro. The CO2/HC sensor is a single sensor that can detect both CO2 and the LEL of a variety of different hydrocarbons. The CO2/HC sensor has a CO2 measuring range of 0-5% by volume with a .01% by volume resolution, and the HC LEL sensor has a 0-100% LEL measuring range with a .01% LEL resolution. The standard calibration gas for a CO2 sensor is 2.5% vol CO2, and the standard calibration gas for the HC LEL sensor is 25% LEL Propane. A list of different correlation factors for the HC LEL sensor can be found in the Ventis Pro manual. This 4 series sensor is only available for the Ventis Pro 5 and must be installed in location 2.  (This sensor will not fit or work with Ventis MX4 Series Gas Monitors)

    Has your CO2/HC sensor failed or has a measuring range that's all over the place? It might be time to replace it. Repair your Industrial Scientific Ventis Pro Multi-Gas monitor by purchasing a new genuine Industrial Scientific (CO2/HC) Carbon dioxide / Hydrocarbon Infrared Sensor.

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