Brady ID FORKLIFTAG® Forklift Inspection Kit, Complete Kit, FLT-ETSH9A, Part No. 104130

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  • Product Description

    A complete status tagging system to help control pre-shift inspections, maintenance and identification of forklift trucks.

    Forkliftag uses our unique holder and insert system to ensure the latest status is instantly visible at the point of use. The standard insert contains an easy-to-follow pre-use operator checklist on the front and the facility to record up to 32 inspections on the reverse.

    The holder provides multiple attachment options such as cable tie, adhesive, screw or rivet.

    Helps you to comply with legislative requirements and good practices of:

    • Completing a pre-work inspection before each use of the equipment and ensuring this is recorded
    • Ensuring employees are informed if equipment is not safe to use

    Kit contains: Box of 10 Forkliftag® Holders, 10 status inserts & One permanent marking pen