3M DBI-SALA 5901980 Lad-Saf Ladder Gate, Hinged Heavy Gauge Aluminum, Hardware Included

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  • Product Description

    3M DBI-SALA 5901980 Ladder gate, hinged heavy gauge aluminum shield with galvanized bolt-on brackets.

    The ladder gate allows easy access by authorized personnel while effectively preventing unauthorized use. No special equipment is needed. An authorized person simply unlocks your padlock on the ladder gate, swings the shielding gate aside and has unhampered access to the ladder. Everything needed is provided with ladder gate except a padlock. The shielding door of ladder gate is heavy-gauge, rust proof aluminum. All braces and hardware are fabricated from galvanized heavy-gauge steel. Although installation is simple, ladder gate, once in place, can be a permanent device, with little or no maintenance required. No welding, cutting or alterations are needed for installation. Just bolt hardware in place, position the ladder gate and fasten to support braces. Authorized personnel can use the ladder gate with ease, simply unlock and remove the padlock and open the ladder gate as you would a door.

    Galvanized braces and hardware
    Galvanized construction offers excellent durability and corrosion resistance for smooth operation and added longevity.

    Heavy gauge aluminum shield
    Provides maintenance free, rust and tamper proof construction for peace of mind and longevity.

    Continuous heavy duty piano hinge
    Allows gate to be swung completely out of the climber's way when ladder is in use for added ease of use and complete safety.

    Allows easy access by authorized personnel while preventing unauthorized use
    Authorized users simply unlock the gate and swing open for unhampered access to the ladder.

    Fast and easy bolt-on bracket installation
    Offers quick and easy installation requiring no welding, cutting or alterations, only a 3/8" (9.5 mm) wrench.

    Built-in latch for padlock use
    Install your own lock to ensures safe, controlled access by authorized persons only.