Worldwide Protective ATA/Kevlar Heavy Weight Knit Glove with double sided PVC dot coating, ANSI Cut Level 4, 1 Pair, Mfg# MATA30-PD2

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  • Product Description

    Item Number | MATA30-PD2

    The MATA30-PD2 protects up to 2-3x's better in cut and abrasion resistance. Tested and proven in countless industrial applications, this glove truly is a workhorse.  

    Manzella Worldwide's Hevay Weight ATA Advanced Technology Aramid 7 Gauge Knit Glove combined with a 2-sided PVC dot coating provides a non-slip grip that protects the worker from handling materials that contain elevated temperatures, sharp edges of metals, ceramics, glass and other materials. Double sided coating adds to the longevity of the glove and is reversible.

    • Q: What is ATA?
    • A: ATA (Advanced Technology Aramid) is a revolutionary aramid high performance fiber constructed by a patented process that combines aramids and other synthetic materials to produce cut resistant properties nver before achieved in a spun fiber. Pound for pound or on an equal weight basis the ATA fiber in this glove has 2.5 times the cut protection in comparison to old school plain aramid kevlar gloves.


    • Metal fabrication
    • Automotive
    • Paper manufacturing
    • Aerospace
    • Construction
    • Public utilities
    • Appliance manufacturing