MSA V-Series Tie-back Single Leg Adjustable Lanyard with FP5K Carabiner at Leg End | Mfg # 10193560

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  • Product Description

    Item Number | 10193560

    The V-Series Tie-back lanyard uses an FP5K carabiner which can be tied directly back to the lanyard. This unique carabiner body shape helps avoid confusion with standard connectors not designed for tie-back applications. Its adjustable, streamlined design offers complete protection while keeping arrest forces below ANSI and OSHA limits. The abrasion resistant cover for the energy absorber provides additional protection for increased service life. 

    • FP5K Carabiner at Leg Ends
    • 36C Snaphook at Harness Connection
    • Adjustable
    • Energy Absorbing
    • Single Leg
    • 6 feet length
    • Capacity: 130 - 310lb (59-140kg) 
    • ANSI Z359.13 Standard
    • OSHA Standard