Industrial Scientific VKVSP4-K1111 Ventis MX4 Confined Space Kit with Slide-on Pump, Safety Orange, Calibration Kit, Hazmat

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  • Product Description

    Item Number | VKVSP4-K11111

    Industrial Scientific Ventis MX4 Confined Space Kit with Ventis Slide-On Pump, LEL(Pentane), O2, H2S, CO (Monitor & Pump Color - Safety Orange)

    This kit is ideally suited for customers that would like to use their Ventis both as a personal monitor and for confined space entries. The kit provides users with everything needed to operate their instrument in both of these applications, as well as perform calibrations and bump tests.

    What's in the box:

    • Ventis MX4 monitor with O2, LEL(Pentane), H2S, CO sensors, standard Li-ion battery
    • Ventis Slide-on Pump with standard Li-ion battery
    • 110 VAC desktop chargers for monitor & pump
    • Calibration cup and tubing with t-fitting
    • 10 ft of sample line
    • Dust filter/water stop
    • 34 liter calibration gas (1810-9191)
    • Manual regulator
    • Rugged hard plastic case

    Download: Ventis MX4 Operating Manual

    Download: Getting to Know Your Ventis Document

    Download : Ventis - Four Steps of Operation