SHOWA 6781R-06 Neoprene Fully-Coated Glove with 6" Insulated Sleeve, Triple Layered Foam Insulation, Chemical Resistant,

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    SHOWA™ Sanitized® Neo Grab™ Size 10 Large Black Foam Insulation 12in Gauntlet Cuffs Cold Weather Gloves with neoprene coating offer magnificent resistance to cut, abrasion and a wide range of chemicals. Wrinkle finish gloves feature a triple layer construction of foam insulation which is sandwiched between a 100% cotton jersey layer and 100% cotton interlock. 21CFR compliance gloves with 6 inch insulated nitrile sleeve find application in paper pulp processing, sand blasting, food processing, masonry and concrete.


    • A triple layer construction of foam insulation sandwiched between a layer of 100% cotton jersey and 100% cotton interlock
    • Neoprene coating provides outstanding resistance to abrasion, cut and a wide range of chemicals
    • Heavy duty cotton lined
    • Heat protection up to 500°F
    • 12" Gauntlet with 6" insulated nitrile sleeve


      Rough finish