Salisbury AS1200HAT-CLR-PPC Premium Polycarbonate 12 cal/cm² Arc Flash Hard Hat with Face Shield and Transparent Chin Guard

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  • Product Description

    Salisbury by Honeywell’s revolutionary AS1200HAT-CLR-PPC is a Weight Balancing Arc Flash Protection Face Shield that stows in a balanced, compact position, centered over the top of the hard hat when not needed. This model is the AS1200HAT-CLR-PPC with a transparent chin cup. 

    The AS1200HAT-CLR-PPC has an ATPV rating of 12 Cal/cm2 and utilizes nanotechnology to provide a clearer, more transparent window for improved visibility. The shield/window is designed to be easily replaced without tools. The face shield unit includes ventilation ribs that allow a natural convection air flow through the top of the face shield. This reduces fogging of the visor, lowers CO2 levels and improves comfort for the user.

    Honeywell Salisbury™ understands that visibility plays a key role in worker safety. Because of this, we have upgraded the face shield on our popular AS1200 to feature a Premium Polycarbonate lens – which helps improve worker safety by decreasing fogging and scratching. These key enhancements added to the lens can help increase the life of the product.

    The Premium Polycarbonate lenses comes with an additional coating that protects the lens from fog and scratches. The face shield can be worn for longer periods of time and in more extreme climates without a decrease in visibility – allowing workers to do their jobs safely and efficiently.

    • Anti-Fog Coating
    • Anti-Scratch Coating
    • Increased Product Life
    • Meets ANSI Z87.1
    • Tested to ASTM F2187 specifications