Allegro 9520-33M Confined Space AC Plastic Axial Blower Ventilation Kits with Manhole Ventilation Pass-Thru

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  • Product Description

    The Confined Space Axial Blower Ventilation Kit is the complete ventilation system from Allegro. In this kit is everything needed for your confined space site. This kit allows for a quick set-up with minimal effort. Included is a choice of Allegro's most popular air blowers, six feet and fifteen feet of ducting with a storage bag, and Allegro's new Manhole Ventilation Passthru. The Axial Blower Systems offer lightweight portability with the highest output available from axial-style blowers.

    • Complete Ventilation System
    • Lightweight Plastic Blower
    • Six feet and fifteen feet of ducting with storage bag
    • Includes Manhole Ventilation Pass-thru
    • Free Air CFM: 831 / One 90 degree Bend CFM: 709 /  Two 90 Degree Bends CFM: 586