3M DBI SALA Tape Measure Retractor Holster Mfg# 1500098

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  • Product Description

    DBI Sala Python Safety™ Tape Measure Retractor Holster

    • Tape measure holster with built-in retractor tether
    • Fits most tape measure tools
    • Beacon™ High Visibility Reflectors
    • Allows tape measures to be safely tethered and holstered for dropped objects protection.

    The Python Safety™ Tape Measure Retractor Holster is designed to be used with the Tape Measure Sleeve. Together, these products allow tape measures to be quickly tethered and holstered. A retractor feeds through the back of the holster and can be connected to a D-Ring on a Python Safety Tape Measure Sleeve. D-Rings on both sides of the holster allow for an alternative means of tethering the Tape Measure Sleeve.

    Products equipped with Python Safety Beacon™ Hi-Vis Reflectors are always easy to identify and locate, even when left in dark spaces. Highly reflective material is stitched into the front and back of the holster allowing it to be detected in low light conditions with a flashlight.

    A rear-feed retractor attaches to your tool and extends up to 52 in. (132.1 cm) providing dropped objects tool protection and automatically retracts staying out of the workers way.